Thank you very much for the amazing work you’ve done. To be honest, before we began working together I thought I was doing a decent job of visually speaking to my audience. I didn’t really understand what could be done differently to realistically impact my business. Little did I know. 


Initially I was very impressed by how much research you did to understand my business. You were very familiar with my website, Instagram page, important aspects of firefighting, and the message and values of TIFA. 

Your pillars and schemes make sense and are consistent and recognizable. People I know talk about our pictures. They have a much clearer and more well defined target audience. Consequently, I’ve been getting A LOT more activity on my social medias.


Even when I first saw the images, I got really excited. I couldn’t wait to see the next round of images!  I was reminded of when I first started the business. It felt exciting, and clear again. At this point I know when my hair stands up that I’m either going into a burning building or the business is firing me up!

I just want to say thank you again. I’m blown away! I can sometimes underplay important parts of entrepreneurship (like this part), but having an open mind here has served me extremely well. I can’t wait to use these images in even larger ways as the business continues to grow. 

Mike Sehl

Founder of The Inner Fire Academy

"Kim was the perfect person, at the perfect time for my business.  I had a fairly clear idea as to my brand and my mission but lacked the creative insight to convert my thoughts into content.


Kim asked me questions I had never been asked before and somehow turned my jumbled answers into awesome marketing content that makes my business look much cooler than it is!


She also worked really quickly and helped me build a big library of content in a short space of time which has taken a huge weight off my shoulders, allowing me to focus on what I am best at.


If you’re looking to turn your amazing ideas and thoughts into epic looking content, get in touch with Kim."

Jim Hughes

The Untamed Entrepreneur

"Kim has allowed me to hyper focus on my leadership craft.  I believe strongly in my message but wanted to expand my offering in a visual way. 


Kim connected with me to learn my story and vision for my business. We talked about brand cohesion and business identity then she took off running.


Current and potential clients remark on the re-birth of my brand, a testament to Kim's use of colours and creative images. 


I have experienced new interest in my small business and so can you."

Rob Campbell

Leadership Consultant

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