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Brand Identity Consultation & Creation

You are looking for clarity within your branding and ways to spread your message in a visual way. You are looking for a system or structure that ensures all your outreach looks the same, looks like it comes from you and impacts your audience.

I can help you with all of those things.

The process I take you bitesized, understandable chunks, design jargon free and with your business purpose at the centre of everything, is a blend of consulting and design.


Through a series of questions and identifying what really matters to you and your business is the first step.


Gaining Clarity. What is your current position.

Lets talk about you, your business and your audience. Before we start the design phase we need to get really clear on your business values and direction, we need to articulate the business before we can start putting the visuals together.


Questions likely to be asked on our first consultation call:

  • What inspired you to start your business? 

  • What is your business vision?

  • What is your business mission?

  • What is the overarching purpose of your business?  

  • Who is your target audience? and secondary target audience?

  • Why do you want to help them?


  • This call is designed to find out everything about your business and start off this process with a bang!

  • Outline of content and price of this package is also discussed on the call.


Prices start from £1850 for a full brand review and identity design.


Working Together to Design your Brand.

Pulling out patterns in language and using the findings from step one will help me start putting together some concepts for your visual identity.


Preparing a high level preliminary proposal will be a foundation step in which we can build on. We need to clear on a handful of important elements before we can expand and bulk out the whole look of your business.



Creating the Brand Identity

Having clarified the nuts and bolts such as language, typography, graphic elements and imagery used to represent your brand it is now time to solidify those elements and determine the complete look of your business. 

Does any of this excite you? Resonate with your current situation? Do you want to get really clear on your messaging and articulate the core value of your business?

I can help! And I would LOVE to help! 

Please get in touch HERE or go straight onto my calendar and book a 30min chat with me HERE. I'm excited to learn about you and your business.

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